Monday, February 21, 2005

things I will remember...

In looking back on Iraq, things I will remember (in no specific order):

1. The sound and mental/physical reaction as a result of a mortar "thmpft," a rocket "whirr," and a car bomb "quake";
2. Sounds of pitter-patter on the aluminum trailer when we were blessed with rain and watching it drip through the circuit breaker;
3. The sadness I felt when stories were dispersed of people (both military and civilian) that had been wounded or killed;
4. The happiness I felt when the Iraqi elections concluded as a success;
5. Laughing and working with Nidhal, Haidar, Deldar, Danny, Sabah, Aqeel, and so many others at the Ministry of Defense-Iraq;
6. Providing the first FrontPage course for the Ministry of Defense-Iraq and seeing/feeling their desire to learn;
7. Loving the time with my hubby...and appreciating him more with every day, even though I was/am the source of most of his jokes;
8. Working as a part of a growing contract company that empowered each employee to perform their jobs;
9. Being able to meet LTG Petraeus and impress him with a web site that seemed to exceed the Command's expectations;
10. Learning more about my family through blogging;
11. Yearning for fresh fruit and vegetables and to run outside without a flak vest and helmet (good riddance DFAC!);
12. Absorbing and feeling humbled by the knowledge of co-workers and military counterparts;
13. Feeling financially comfortable and eager to pursue second careers;
14. The "boxed-in" feeling of cement barriers, walls, and barbed wire;
15. The hot water boiling from the tap...and other plumbing oddities;
16. The instant feeling of security (although false at times) and gratitude by hearing the sound of helicopter rotors, feeling the vibration of low-flying aircraft and having the presence of US soldiers at checkpoints;
17. The weirdness and unsettling feeling of complete silence;
18. Laying out by the pool in the summer, launching water "mortars," playing poker until 4am, buying and watching an uncountable amount of hodgy movies, and other "outside work" fun;
19. Anticipating the arrival of care packages and emails of support from my and Dan's family and friends; and,
20. How much I do and will continue to appreciate even the smallest things in life: a bright, colorful sunset, a safe arrival, the chance to drive a car, waking up to another day...



At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot the delicious pepperoni (hotdog) pizzas!

Glad your done! have a safe trip back!


At 10:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When are you and Dan coming home to the States? I can't wait to see you guys! Love you heaps and heaps! Kaci

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