Saturday, January 01, 2005


Well, here we 2005, finally! Oh, I cannot tell you how excited I get whenever I look at my desktop clock! So many adventures to look forward to! I simply cannot contain my excitement! Woo-hoo!

New Year's Eve came and went rather uneventfully - phew. KBR/MWR did their best to put together a decent event in the Palace - a dance floor, flashing lights, and finger foods. It was comical to watch groups of local hires shaking their leg to the music but refraining from all out enjoying themselves. Outside there was plenty of celebratory fire and mortars to keep everyone inside, dabbling in pizza bits and chicken wings and dancing to "Like a Virgin" and other hilarious "oldies." Oh dear...too funny! Around 1am, we returned to our trailers. I was zonked. It was way past my bedtime. So sad.

Recommend this read:
Explosions, gunfire and other clatter are the soundtrack for life in Baghdad. Thanks, Dad. Very insightful and truthful collection of thoughts.

Well, work built up over the last couple days. I have plenty to keep me "entertained" today. I wish everyone a great day! HUGS!