Tuesday, December 14, 2004

well, good morning hackers!

This morning, I went straight to my blog site to check my current postings - only to find that blogger.com was hacked by some group that did a redirect of all their blogger pages to some religious page. I checked Dad's blog site and Larry's blog site to confirm that my pages were not explicitly targeted. Nope. Blogger as a whole! Within 15 minutes though, it was fixed. Possibly some buffer overrun vunerability left unpatched...who knows. Hopefully, the Blogger server "gods" have fixed this so future exploits do not occur.

Anyway, life forges ahead in Iraq. Just more of the same...
1. Three large car bombs yesterday near Gate 2 of the IZ, with other periodic undeterminable "ba-booms."
2. The MoI proposal was submitted...and we wait. If MoI does not come through, I hope we can use the NetMatrix CMS product sometime in the future. The Canadian-based company has been more than helpful and superb in trying to meet our short-term requirements.
3. I had my first one-on-one Arabic lesson yesterday with one of the translators at the MoD. He brought in his son's first grade activity book to help me with the basics. Even though we only had 30 minutes, I learned a lot in the compressed time.
4. Getting to the gym has been progressively harder with the colder temperatures. Not that it seemed any easier in warmer temperatures...it boils down to me being downright lazy after work.
5. A majority of the Ministry of Defense employees are going on hiatus, after a memo was released to employees providing them with a PAID 45-day absence from work. It is an effort to reduce life loss by terrorist attacks expected prior to the elections. I do find it odd though...who is footing this PAID vacation -and- would the CIA close their doors in a similar situation? Anywho...

Well, best get some work done! HUGS!


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