Saturday, December 04, 2004

crisp, clear, and far

This morning, I am a tad feisty. It could be because we stayed up watching a very poorly played Army/Navy football game (if you are an Army fan, that is). We left at half time (1:00am), with it being 26-8 Navy.

This morning, the MNSTC-I bus was full of people, wrapped in military winter garb. A brisk 30 degrees this morning!! We cuddled into the cramped bus, as 70s/80s music blared over the speakers. Then, it happened - "It's Raining Men" started to play. Okay, one cannot simply sit in their seat and not start to jiggle to that tune. Well, maybe it is a "chic" thing - a "girls, let's go out" song. While Dan looked at me as if I needed sedatives, I knew I would have company if Jenn, Aims, or my sister Kaci were around. Oh yes, they would join in with me. No doubt.

My arm is now healing from a recent flu shot. Yep, the entire compound was able to receive the shot this year. It did leave a heavy welt in my upper shoulder. Amazingly more sore than I remembered. I feel lucky, since there are many in the States wishing they could receive one of these sought-out shots. I have been sick three times since I have been in Iraq (5 months). So, I too welcomed this announcement and ran to the opportunity.

Dan and I are boosting our workout plan, so we can trim the fat more effectively. Let's just say, the food, especially the recent influx of desserts, is not low in fat. We are working out an hour 5-6 nights/week. Last night, I biked for 30 minutes and ran for 30 minutes; I am sure feeling it today. No pain, no gain.

The Iraq situation is troubling, as car bombs mark each day with additional deaths. Now, it seems that car bombs are stretching beyond targeting the Iraqi/Coalition forces, as yesterday's Mosul car bombing additionally targeted Kurd militiamen. As the media questioned last night, is there a civil war on the brink? What happened to tolerance and patience? I pray things improve, as I am sure many others desire as well. The road to "success" seems too long to measure. Yesterday's mid-morning car bombs had everyone in this trailer scrambling for the door, low-crawling it to safety. The trailer shook from the simultaneously car bombs that occurred at a nearby entrance point. I have never felt the power, the "oompfh" from a car bomb before -- and thank goodness.

Well, better get to work. I am a tad behind on revamping the Iraq's Ministry of Defense intranet site. LOVE YA and HUGS!