Tuesday, November 16, 2004

three strikes, you're out!

Thinking that last night would be a repeat of the two nights before, Dan and I stayed a little longer at work, having dinner by Chinese take-out before we retreated to the Palace theatre to watch the normally scheduled 8pm movie. Last night, the movie - American Outlaws (mmm...). And, we were right -- 7:30pm timeframe, two more mortars and small arms fire. The rumor is that a few insurgents attempted to swim across the Tigris to traverse the 9 foot cement walls. Their goal was unsuccessful. God bless the Marines and the NATO patrol!

Which brings me to the issue of the Marine being accused of a war crime. Read all the stories before you accuse him of wrongdoing. I am of the perspective that this war a far cry from a typical war and the media should not always be tagging along. This not mean I wish to excuse those who REALLY do wrong (i.e, prison scandals) or to prevent them getting caught on camera. But, do remember that insurgents wrap dead bodies with explosives and use themselves/passerbys/children as human bombs. I respect the Marines, doing a job many us hope never to perform and supporting a cause (right or wrong) with dedication.

Lastly, I have updated the ole resume and am beginning to throw it out to the masses. I am concentrating on GA, CA, FL, WA, and AZ. We'll see what transpires. I thank my family for the support they have provided. In short, they rock!


At 9:16 PM, Blogger J W M said...

Blogsites agree with the Marine for the reasons you detail; media gets their ratings.

At 1:20 AM, Blogger J W M said...

It appears that the "truth" of the media will be copted by bloggings as the years go by. The moving and shaking for policy transformation will be by the "Net" in the future. The MSM will become more irrelavent in the not-to-distant future. That news and entertainment segments blur on TV when the featured local news segments promote the new programming by doing interviews when mixed with "hard" news.
The degeneration progresses when TV ads promote mind benders and male performance drugs. Oh, fof the days of beer and cigarette commercials!

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