Sunday, September 12, 2004

What a beautiful morning!

No one could ignore the beautiful day outside this morning. The sun peaking over the 9 foot cement barriers was warm and promised of "yet another day." The birds were chirping, and life seemed peaceful. Too bad it was tarnished by a few mortars off in the distance.

After a restless night, it was hard to wake at 0600 to get ready for the day. But, being able to take a longer shower and stroll to breakfast was a nice difference than from the day before.

The noise of plane engines and helicopter blades in the sky is today's background noise...and is always appreciated. I imagine they are trying to prevent a reoccurence of what took place yesterday. While living in a tiny loft in San Diego, I did not enjoy waking to the sound of planes, as they passed overhead to land at the San Diego Int'l Airport. Here, it just means we are being guarded...angels in the skies. God bless 'em.

Well, after postponing a meeting for the last two days, I must head over to the Ministry of Defense building. Relunctantly, I go...

Love ya!! Hugs!